Is Bamboo A Good Bathroom Countertop?

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If you’re thinking of installing a bamboo countertop in your bathroom, you should know that…

Bathroom bamboo countertops are water-resistant to some extent. Moisture may not affect the bamboo countertops, but they swell when exposed to water.

If you are planning to use a bamboo countertop in the bathroom, please consider the risk factor along with the benefits.

You need to know certain other things before you choose bamboo as the countertop. We are here to help. Read this blog to find out more tips and renovation ideas.

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Bamboo Is The Best Bathroom Remodeling Material

There can be a dozen reasons why one would want to use bamboo countertops in their homes. The bamboo countertop offers an aesthetic look to the sustainable nature of the material. These are good reasons to incorporate them into your bathroom decor.

We have a couple more sections of titbits to cover, so you make a good decision.

1. Bamboo is Environmentally-Friendly

One reason why you should consider buying a bamboo countertop is its eco-friendliness. The plant grows faster than any other wood like oak. The material also absorbs twice as much oxygen as a normal tree does. But, it’s safe to use and integrate into your home decor due to its fast-growing nature.

The bamboo plantation also plays a significant role in soil and forest rehabilitation

We use bamboo as a material for different purposes. Medicines, bedroom sheets, kitchen or bathroom countertops, shelves, jars, toothbrushes, and whatnot.

bmaboo bedroom sheetskitchen or bathroom countertops shelves jars toothbrushes and whatno

2.Bamboo In Home Renovations

Choosing bamboo countertops will add to your bathroom’s aesthetics. With a warm feel because the color of the plant bamboo neutralizes other paint colors that you’ve used in the room.

Bamboo plants have become a trending choice to use in homes. It’s a worldwide choice due to its sustainable nature. Since bamboo is a plant, it has several types. It also comes in many forms, including furnishing pots and stands.

3.Bamboo in Bathrooms

Bamboo countertops are antimicrobial. It means they kill the germs or stop their growth when installed as a countertop. This doesn’t mean that you can leave the countertop unattended after use. You have to do the due diligence, and if you miss out on any germs, the countertop may be able to take care of it.

afterthe treatment the organic substanceslike the sugarin the bamboo cells can be removed completely
after the treatment, the organic substances like the sugar in the bamboo cells can be removed completely

We keep our toothbrushes or shaving brushes uncovered most of the time. So when there’s no chance of germs left behind, your hygiene is covered.

Bamboo Sinks In Bathrooms

You need to ensure how durable a bamboo countertop is because you won’t be able to change it every month. It’s a lot of renovation work and expense. Bamboo countertop, in that regard, is pretty durable with a longevity period of 7 to 10 years.

But, you’ll have to sand or finish the countertop every once in a while. This will help to keep the bamboo countertop protected from stains and water degeneration. Your bathroom will also look better with a different material than other solid woods.

Tips For Choosing A Bamboo Vanity In The Bathroom

Bamboo is bound together through glue as it is divided into strips. Hence, the countertop swells less and adds more warmth to the bathroom.

Talking of one drawback of the countertop is the limitation of colors and shades. If you have a Vessel sink, a bamboo countertop will give an antique and stylish look.

Bamboo countertop choice depends on the type of sink you have. This section will share which type will complement your countertop the best. We’ll also share some other tips for you.

NO Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a health-dangerous, natural chemical. It’s used in the bamboo lamination process. But, it’s only dangerous for us when used in higher amounts. You have to choose a countertop with the least formaldehyde content.

Only high-quality bamboo products make less use of it. The cheaper ones use low VOC finishes. They use formaldehyde in the lamination process.

Mature Bamboo Strips

When you’re buying a bamboo countertop, you need to cross-check with the manufacturer. Check if the bamboo countertop is made from mature bamboo. If not, you must not buy it because it won’t be able to bear any weight. At the same time, mature bamboo countertops are strong and usually work for the long term.

Ready-made Bamboo

Buying ready-made bamboo items like countertops are easier. It’s more convenient, and safer in design. The variety of options for colors and designs may be less, but it isn’t a problem. Some manufacturers also ease custom orders. You can talk to your bamboo manufacturer, and they will provide you with the options you want.

Keep Bamboo Dry

We have already mentioned that bamboo is water-resistant. But you’ll still have to protect it from excessive water because that can attack bamboo’s durability. Keep a dry rag or sponge near the sink on the bamboo countertop so you can wipe the extra water right away. This will keep your bamboo strong throughout its usage period.

You must pay attention to these points when choosing a bamboo countertop. This will help you avoid regretting the decision later.

2 Stellar Maintaining Tips for a Bamboo Vanity In The Bathroom

Bamboo is much like solid wood when it comes to its maintenance needs.

Don’t Let Humidity Take Over.

Bamboo absorbs moisture. Make sure you have an exhaust fan to dry out the humidity from the bathroom. By using the exhaust fan, you’ll be adding more years of use to the countertop.

Sand the Countertop on a Regular Basis

The bamboo countertop is prone to stain. You’ll have to sand it once a month to keep its shine and get rid of any stains. Tung oil, Beeswax, and varnish are some options to consider. You’ll have to be careful about using the appropriate amount of product.

These two tips will be enough to maintain your countertops on the go.

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