7 Famous Delicious Chinese Food Make with Bamboo

For a long time, the Chinese have a sense of inseparable feelings about bamboo. “It perfect to live with bamboo rather than eat meat.” Now, the purpose of bamboo is not only to build houses, people’s enthusiasm for bamboo has become almost crazy. The Yunnanese who love to eat have made various kinds of food with bamboo.


1, bamboo tube rice

Bamboo rice, also known as scented bamboo rice. It cuts down a section of bamboo and puts in the appropriate amount of rice and water. It is cooked in a fire and when the surface of the bamboo scorched, the rice is cooked.  Open  the bamboo tube and the rice was wrapped in a bamboo membrane, and tastes soft and delicious.  If mix pork with glutinous rice and   appropriate amount of salt placed in a bamboo tube and roasted into glutinous rice, it smells very nice and it is a precious food for entertaining VIP guests.


2, savory barbecue

Not stringed, but with bamboo sticks grilled. Different with daily kebabs, the specialty of Yunnan Yam BBQ is a large amount of vanilla and its rich flavor. The herbs commonly used in barbecues include oysters, shallots, lemongrass, and southern ginger, and also the millet.


3, bamboo tube wine

The bamboo wine is produced from Fujian mountainous area which is 1,000 meters above sea level. The wine has golden color and it is rich in fragrant, alcoholic and sweet, long-lasting ecological high-end food, and pure green zero pollution. Bamboo-barrel liquor is completely original ecological food, pure green with zero-pollution. When bamboo or bamboo shoots are seedlings, they are directly injected with fine sorghum spirits and then grow up. After three years of natural brewing and absorbing natural dew essence, they can be brewed and appear in The bamboo forest Tian Lu wine, which is commonly known as bamboo wine, is the real bamboo wine that has been produced in three years. Bamboo wine originated from ethnic minorities, and minority groups also use bamboo to hold wine.  Where they live, “bamboo wine” is a must-have item for weddings and other events.


4, bamboo steamed eggs

One bamboo cup, one egg, salt, water amount, six good soaked peppers, a little green onion (do not like the onion can not hold). Beat eggs evenly. Add water and stir well. Pour into the bamboo tube. Steam over a small pot for 15 minutes,with small fire, and leave a small gap in the lid. This is in order to prevent the  high temperature which will cause the cells. Sprinkle the scallions and green onions softened in advance and steam them for another minute.


5, bamboo duck

Bamboo duck is one of the special snacks of the Hui people in West Yunnan. Its main material is ducks. The total size of a duck is about 1 kilogram when it is raw, and about 0.7 kilograms when it is cooked. To make bamboo duck, first kill the duck and wash wash it, then use the salt, and  bamboo weaving. Put the whole duck into the bamboo basket and cooked in water. After cooking, cool it completely. Remove bamboo and chop it into small pieces. Good soy sauce, this delicious bamboo duck is ready.


6, bamboo tea

Put the tea in a special bamboo tube and press it in the hearth until the tea in the bamboo tube is full and dry. Cut the bamboo tube and take out the tea with boiling water. Bamboo tea has both rich tea aromas and bamboo aromas .The Yi nationality in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, likes to drink this tea. When the fresh tea is picked, it is cooked in a pot. When the leaves are soft, it is rubbed on a bamboo screen, and then it is put into a bamboo tube, tamped with a stick, sealed, and allowed to ferment slowly. After two or three months, the tea leaves in the tube are yellow, the bamboo tube is opened, and the pressed tea leaves are taken out to dry, loaded into a jar, and added with sesame oil and marinated. The vegetables can be taken out for consumption at any time.


7, bamboo chicken

Bamboo tube chicken, the traditional food of Hani in Yunnan. Bamboo cooking is a long history. From time to time, the ethnic minorities in Yunnan still retain the traditional methods of bamboo cooking. This is related to the  full  mountains of bamboo and   delicious food cooked with bamboo. The Hani bamboo chicken is one example. The bamboo chickens of the Hani people in Yunnan have both the sweetness of chicken and the fragrance of bamboo. They are soft, tender and tender. The method of manufacture is unique and ancient and simple. The bamboo chicken must use fresh bamboo, and the dish is full of fragrance.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@julybambu.com”.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@julybambu.com”