The purpose of bamboo is very broad, and it can be divided into four major categories: bamboo shoots, ornamentals, traditional materials, and industrial materials:

Firstly, bamboo shoots are mainly bamboo shoots and dried bamboo shoots. China’s excellent bamboo shoots for bamboo shoots include bamboo shoots in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the early bamboo and the bamboo from Pearl River, and bamboo in Fujian and Taiwan. Bamboo shoots are rich in protein, amino acids, fats, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C. They are excellent health foods.

Secondly, the ornamental usage is mainly for the ornamental garden bamboo, is a kind of gardening bamboo plants specially cultivated for ornamental purposes, generally stalk, leaf color and other forms are more exotic. The common ornamental bamboos are scattered bamboo, clustered Buddha belly bamboo, filial bamboo, mixed type bamboo, and other bamboo.

Thirdly, the traditional materials:

1, home supplies:  bamboo fence, bamboo pig cage, bamboo greenhouse, bamboo waterwheel, bamboo basket, bamboo ladder, bamboo pole,  bamboo stool, bamboo stack,  bamboo mats,   toothpicks, bamboo cups, fishing rods, bamboo umbrellas, etc.

2, pure crafts: bamboo wind chimes, bamboo carving, bamboo weaving, bamboo musical instruments, etc.

3, building materials supplies: bamboo plastic board, bamboo flooring, etc.

Fourthly, other materials used: bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar, bamboo pulp paper, bamboo leaf medical four, industrial materials, although bamboo has fast growth, high yield, toughness, rich reserves and many other advantages,

In the near future,  bamboo panels will also be widely used in various fields such as packing boxes, vehicle-board panels, container panels, building templates, and yard beautification. By then, the value of bamboo’s industrial application will be fully realized.

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