Bamboo flooring is an very important part in Home Decoration, not only the distinctive grain of bamboo flooring but also bring people the tactile enjoyment.  It all suitable for home life and home decoration. it is flexible and stable.

Bamboo flooring with natural and distinctive grain , use for home decoration, it Just watched a visual feast.  bamboo flooring is a new type of building decoration material. It use natural high quality bamboo ,through more than 20 procedures. take off the bamboo puree juice, compacted by high temperature and pressure.then through many times paint , finally Infrared drying to finish it .

Bamboo flooring brings a green and fresh air to the building materials market with its natural advantages and many excellent properties after molding. Compare with other normal flooring have a big difference. Especially in shape and texture.

Bamboo flooring produce crafts is different from the traditional bamboo products. Compare with solid flooring, it has its advantage, Bamboo flooring wear, pressure, moisture, fire, its physical properties is better than solid wood flooring, so using bamboo flooring no cracking, no distortion, no deformation.


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