Bamboo countertops

1, Bamboo  have Green and Eco-friendly,solid,high density,good heat dissipation and higher corrosion resistance.Its good material to make various of bamboo countertops.For instance,Bar countertop,table top, worktops etc.
2, Bamboo countertop glue is use Environmental adhesives,then to Apply high pressure,high temperatures to make finished.for building materials buyers that its Ideal material of no poison,stable,no split,no deformation and after remove sugar,fat,starch etc special harmless treatment,have high function of insect protection.
3, The bamboo countertop have good beneficent of fire retardant,wear-resistant, prevent mildew.And its also have beautiful face,can be customized,quality stable,natural grain,As well as Not easy to abrasion and deformation feature.Meanwhile bamboo natural feature have decide the hygroscopicity and heat absorption performance both better than wood.its have Beautiful and elegant surface and also a  ideal raw material use for high quality bamboo countertop.

Bamboo Countertops Some Useful Figures:

North American Size:: 36" x 72" x 1.5", 30" x 96" x 1.5", 25.5”x72”x1.5”, 40”x73”x1.5” and etc.
UK Size: 2.0 m / 3.0 m / 4.0 m x 620 / 720 / 960mm x 40mm and etc.
Europe Size: 2400mm x 600mm x 27mm, 3000mm x700mm x 40mm,1220x2440x18-40mm and etc.
Construction: Vertical/Horizontal Material: 100% solid bamboo
Moisture: 10% +/-2% Density: 0.65-0.75g/cm3
Glue: Melamine,WBP,MR Glue grade: E0,E1,E2
Certification: FSC,ISO9001,CE Payment: T/T or L/C at sight
Compression: 110KN-m/kg Themal conductivity: 17W/m-k
Modulus of elasticity: elasticity / 1.3GPa, compressibility / 27GPa
Delivery time: 20 days after receive the deposit
Packaging: Bamboo pallets,100pcs/package or According to your requirements
Application: Kitchen countertops , Kitchen Island Countertops, Garage working table tops, Bathroom Countertops, table tops or shelving