Bamboo products are good for physical and mental health, but also it is environmental protection.

However, people frequently change bamboo mats such as mats and cool pillows due to improper maintenance methods. more often than not, some people cannot help but complain about the short service life of bamboo products. In fact,  as long as you pay a little attention to some maintenance issues, it can reduce the times of bamboo replacements.

Bamboo products do not use for a long time, put it on dry in a ventilated place. Until the hands can’t touch moisture. then seal it with tape. the annual June-July season is the rainy season, so, always check the sealed bamboo products. if hair growth occurs, clean it in time. meet the good weather, take it out in time for drying. if it is a precious bamboo product as a collection, the preservation conditions are even more harsh. Specialized storage cabinets, this storage cabinet has specific requirements for temperature and humidity.

Preventing cracking of bamboo products is not only a matter of maintenance skills. at the same time, it is difficult to solve the problem of technology.  to prevent the cracking of bamboo products,  to prevent the cracking of bamboo , before production, many manufacturers use Potion smoke and steaming measures fr the products. but through this kind process ways of products, which has certain bad effects on your health.

The best way to prevent the cracking of bamboo products is to use bamboo utensils frequently. The summarization of maintenance bamboo products is to control the dry and wet balance of bamboo storage environment.  but the best maintenance is to use it often..


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