Bamboo packaging is a new type of material packaging that has emerged in recent years instead of wood, paper, metal, and plastic. bamboo packaging green, economical and practical. it is an irreplaceable packaging to alleviate the shortage of resources in modern society. bamboo packaging is made from renewable bamboo resources through a series of processes. mainly include: bamboo woven packaging, bamboo sheet packaging, bamboo lathing, packaging, serial wire packaging, original bamboo packaging and other series. As we all know, the bamboo grown is only 4-6 years old, and a tree is at least 20 years old. Now, bamboo has now become an important resource for alternative wood. and the production of bamboo packaging can make full use of bamboo resources. Bamboo rods can be made of bamboo plates and lathes. Bamboo tips can be used for bamboo woven packaging and original bamboo packaging.

Bamboo packaging is mostly handmade in the production process, therefore, bamboo packaging not only protects forest resources, but also it is very eco-friendly. bamboo packaging is widely used, and with the development of processing technology, the application range is expanding. Common bamboo packaging used in aquatic products, specialty packaging, tea, food, alcohol, gift packaging.

Bamboo packaging is not only practical, but also has a certain appreciation value.

The industrious bamboo town people’s ingenuity, using wisdom to create a beautiful bamboo packaging. Whether made of woven or bamboo board made of ,Or the original bamboo bamboo packaging, It is definitely a good “artwork.”

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