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Main products

As a manufacture of bamboo products, our main products are: bamboo Panel and Bamboo veneer for bamboo furniture and doors , bamboo veneer for longboards and skateboards. Besides those, we also can supply bamboo craft,bamboo fencing , bamboo stick etc.

Company Profile

July bambu and wood products Co.Ltd was founded in 1999, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of bamboo and wood products.It is located in Hangzhou, the factory is located in Anji, This area has rich resources of bamboo and wood, And it is also the main bamboo product manufacturing center in China.

Bamboo is good choice for guitar

Bamboo is an ideal replacement for wood . from building decoration materials to furniture, then to crafts. we can see that bamboo is becoming more and more widely used in our lives. Nowadays, bamboo instruments are increasingly favored by people.…

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3 reasons why bamboo plywood is better than hardwood

3 reasons why bamboo plywood is better than hardwood Definitely sustainable Unlike traditional hardwood, bamboo can be harvested every year without destroying the plantation, with the bamboo stems sprouting new shoots during the next rains. Bamboo can grow to its…

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