Is Bamboo A Good Kitchen Countertop?

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Did you also think that Bamboo is wood? Surprisingly, it’s not.

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Bamboo is a plant, so it’s grass, not wood. However, it’s now a tough competitor to hardwood as the material is sturdy, absorbs well, and is sustainable. The plant mitigates the climate risk as it grows back faster and needs less energy to grow.

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Considering the benefits, Bamboo has become a good raw material for countertops. Are they any good?

Let’s find out.

What Makes Bamboo Kitchen Countertop A Good Choice?

Many homeowners who are enthusiastic about contributing to the environment and want a good feel to the place prefer bamboo countertops. Bamboo countertops are processed through a non-chemical process. This makes bamboo countertops a good choice for people with kids.

We discuss a bamboo countertop’s top qualities that make it a good choice for homeowners in the following sections.

Top 5 Characteristics of a Bamboo Kitchen Countertop:

  1. Antimicrobial
  2. Renewable
  3. Durable and aesthetic
  4. Hygroscopic
  5. Long-lasting

Let us delve into the details.

1. Bamboo is Antimicrobial

Bamboo fibers are naturally antimicrobial, making them a perfect raw material for your kitchen countertop. You are always cutting, slicing, peeling, and chopping food on the butcher block, so you won’t worry about catching bacteria. Also, the antimicrobial properties are preserved even when bamboo tufts are processed through the machines to turn into blocks.

afterthe treatment the organic substanceslike the sugarin the bamboo cells can be removed completely

2. Bamboo is a Renewable Resource

Bamboo plants grow 1 to 4 inches in a day. It’s one of the reasons why we regard Bamboo as the fastest growing plant. Bamboo is a renewable resource that’s not high maintenance. It produces without consuming much energy, i.e., water or sunlight. Another fact is Bamboo only gets better when we cut it off. We can harvest the plant every 3 to 5 years, making it a great raw material for kitchen countertops, sheets, toothbrushes, etc.

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3. Bamboo Countertops are Durable

What’s that one thing that we look for before buying any product? It’s durability and how it will add warmth to the place. Bamboo countertops cover both of these factors. The countertops made from Bamboo are hard and long-lasting if you take care of the countertop as suggested by experts.

4. Bamboo Grass is Hygroscopic

We regard Bamboo as a sustainable addition to the kitchen. The plant is also good at absorbing moisture from the air. This helps with better water absorption. But, it can expand or contract when exposed to moisture or water for long periods. It would be best to keep this in mind when cutting the countertop.

5. Bamboo Countertops are Long-Lasting

Bamboo plants are seemingly high maintenance which is true. The plant needs regular cleaning, so it’s free from damage. One can use the Bamboo countertop for up to years. Some even say if maintained regularly, Bamboo countertops can last a lifetime. You have to reseal and sand the countertop, so it’s non-porous. Laminating the bamboo countertop is also a good way to ensure efficiency.

These are the 5 qualities that make Bamboo stand out from other raw materials. However, if you want a clear distinction between Bamboo and wood, you can look at the table below.

Bamboo VS Wood Countertops

Bamboo is good for countertops, but it’s also replacing wood in other aspects like flooring. The plant absorbs water better than solid woods can. The cleaning of both materials differs.

While wood countertops are good with monthly clean-ups, Bamboo needs weekly or daily wiping to prevent stains and scratches. Each material has its pros and cons.

Here’s a comparison of Bamboo and wood countertops:

Bamboo CountertopWood Countertop
Harvest in 3 to 5 yearsWood countertop walnut, for instance, takes 30 years to harvest.
Eco-friendly productNatural but not sustainable
Naturally water-resistantWood can increase in size when exposed to water
Last enough, only when you maintain themLasts longer than Bamboo countertops
Bamboo countertops sometimes lack texture.Have more grains and texture
bamboo and wood

Solid wood comes in many varieties, while Bamboo fibers are antimicrobial by nature. Each has its own perks for you to understand and decide.

Many complain that Bamboo is expensive when compared to wood. Is that the actual case? It will help if you read on to the next section.

The Cost of Bamboo Countertop

Bamboo plants are presumingly expensive. However, compared to marble, quartz, or granite, Bamboo is a cost-effective alternative. Bamboo countertops are usually $40 to $100 per square foot, like granite and marble. The affordability is due to the fast-growing property of the material and manufacturing process. The price depends on the quality of the Bamboo.

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f we talk about the cost of a 50-square bamboo countertop, it can reach from $1000 to $5,000 to $10,000. We have a table to show you the typical pricing criteria.

For a 50 sq.Ft Bamboo countertop:

Un-installedInstallation cost includedPrices can fluctuate based on manufacturer and installation costs

What affects Bamboo’s cost? It’s the quality and manufacturer you choose to buy the countertop from. There are, however, some other factors that matter too. Each Bamboo countertop varies in price depending on its type, size, finishing, installation, and vertical or parquet grains. You can choose the style that suits your project better.

Here, a suggested practice is to do your study and look for a good manufacturer that delivers what’s promised. The quality Bamboo countertop can be expensive depending on the quality. Yet, it’s moisture-free, so Bamboo is a better choice than solid wood like granite or marble stone.


Bamboo countertops not only add to your home’s interior decor, but they are also good for your family and kids. The environment needs conscious efforts from us to prevent deteriorating climate change. The plant grows fast and is manufactured without chemicals.

There are a dozen countertop materials having their own perks. Bamboo, on the one hand, is a little expensive and high maintenance compared to hardwood. You must study different materials to come to a wise conclusion.

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