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Strand Woven Bamboo Beams Production Process Video
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Bamboo Beams Production Process Video

Bamboo Beams Data Sheet

Structure: 1-15 Layers Material: 100% Solid Bamboo
Style: bamboo beams style Natural / Carbonized /Strand Woven /Amber Grain: Vertical / Horizontal / Strand Woven
Thickness: ≤ 20mm Width: ≤1300mm
Length: ≤4000mm Density: +/- 700 kg/m3 (SP), +/- 1050 kg/m3 (HD)
Indoor Emissions: E0, E1 ( JULYBAMU® Formaldehyde Emission Report ) Glue : Urea-Formaldehyde Resins Resin / Melamine / MR
FSC Certificate code: BV-COC-166804 Products available with FSC® certification on request Moisture Content: 8% – 12%
Delivery time: July Bambu Production Schedule Packaging: July Bambu Packing Details or According to customer’s requirements

Structural of Bamboo Beams

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The solid bamboo square of JULYBAMBU® is composed of bamboo strips bonded longitudinally with environmentally friendly waterproof glue. The layered structure has high stability (low shrinkage and low expansion), high flexibility strength, tensile strength, stiffness and hardness, and unique appearance view (both horizontal compression and vertical pressure view). The solid bamboo squares of JULYBAMBU® are ideal for interior structural applications.

Two Series Of Bamboo Beams

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There are two series of JULYBAMBU® bamboo beams to choose from. The first series: the natural color and carbonized color of ordinary bamboo are available. The second largest series is heavy bamboo with high hardness and high strength (natural color, carbonization, high resistance black, amber) optional.

high hardness 1

High Hardness

Exceptionally hard: > 9.5kg/mm2 hardest wood available.


Fire safety - Class A

Class A-Earning a flame spread index Class A following US standard ASTM E84 without the use of fire retardants.


Durability - Class 1

The only bamboo decking with class 1 durability (European norm 350) tested (simulated test).


CO2 Neutral

All solid bamboo flooring, decking, panels, and veneer) are CO2 negative over their full life cycle.

More Stable Than Any Hardwood

JULYBAMBU® Outdoor Bamboo Decking uses a unique high-temperature, high-intensity compression process to remove sugar molecules from the bamboo, making the bamboo free of fungi and microorganisms. This solves the problem of anti-corrosion and insect resistance by changing the water-absorbing groups inside the bamboo, thereby solving the problem of deformation and cracking, the material density, hardness, and flexural strength are much higher than any wood. As shown.

Before(the treatment)-the organic substances(like sugar)in bamboo cells they can make bamboo verminous and moldy.
After(the treatment)-the organic substances(like the sugar)in the bamboo cells can be removed completely

Bamboo Beams compared with traditional wood

case 7

Compared with traditional wood, JULYBAMBU® solid bamboo squares are very regular in size and structure. Bamboo has no knots and resin loss like wood, which makes it very easy to process. Bamboo squares are used to make house frame beams , an ideal material for windows and door frames, not too heavy, and good strength, it is an ideal material for replacing steel, wood, and cement support beams in traditional industries. Bamboo beams can also be processed DIY like wood. We can saw, mill, sand and glue bamboo at any angle. It’s worth noting that bamboo is harder than oak, so make sure your drills, saws, and knives are sharp.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”