Bamboo flooring more and more consumers,but with the dry winter season,bamboo flooring particularly prone to cracking and other phenomena,need special attention to maintenance.Well,winter bamboo flooring how to maintain it?
Winter Maintenance Tips floor

First,the floor cracks
Reason: There may be because the interior is too dry,causing the floor board contraction dry. Floor was soaked,damp can easily crack due to expansion pushed. Installation of the floor joints reserve is not enough,it is likely to cause the floor to crack.
Precautions: maintain good indoor ventilation,indoor humidity is maintained at between 40% -80%,use a humidifier in winter can be more; avoid floor was flooding,do not use a wet mop to wipe the floor; set aside appropriate stretching the pavement seam.
Winter Maintenance Tips floor
bamboo flooring
Second,the paint cracking
Reason:due to damp or too dry indoor environment,Bamboo Flooring prone to shrinkage cracking.
Precautions: maintain good indoor ventilation,indoor humidity is maintained at between 40% -80%.
Third,the floor away from the seam
Reason:too dry environment cause the gap between the floor boards appear to expand,appear from the seam phenomenon;Bamboo Flooring through paved area is too large and there is no reasonable cause to set off the seam joints.
Preventive measures:the laying of the width direction of the local board ≥6 meters length or floor length direction of the lay length ≥15 meters,the best use reasonable interval measures,expansion joints and transitions with buckle.In addition,to maintain good indoor ventilation,indoor humidity appropriate.
Fourth,there is abnormal sound on bamboo floor
Reason:the ground is uneven or rough wood keel; bagging deformation results in the occurrence of noise floor; flooring nails nail holding power is loose enough to cause the floor to produce sound; the moisture content of wood keel failure will lead to abnormal sound. In addition,the use of inferior oil maintenance can also cause abnormal noise floor.
Preventive measures: shall wood keel or ground leveling,do not appear uneven phenomenon; wooden keel moisture content should be between 8% -12%; to keep indoor humidity suitable,do not make the ground wet; in the pavement according to specifications proper use of flooring nails.

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