Anji natural resources, is rich in local characteristics, the development of a strong trend of the county. The rate of vegetation cover and forest cover of the county are 75% and 70%, respectively. It is a natural green world, the air quality in most parts of the region is a grade, and the quality of the domestic water body is kept at the level of class I and II. “Sichuan fifty, during half Xiuzhu”, the county area of 1 million acres of bamboo, bamboo is 135 million strains, 20 million year supply of bamboo, ranking first in the country. Here is the famous tea tea, tea garden area of 60 thousand mu, annual output of nearly 3000 tons, prestigious, tea blend, which Anji white tea is unique to the country, the best tea. Anji is rich in water resources, the total storage capacity of reservoirs in Fu Laoshikan stone, two large reservoirs mainly amounted to 400 million cubic meters, water resources reserves of 770 million kilowatts, currently the county has built more than 100 small hydropower stations, the annual power generation capacity of more than 100 million kwh. The Anji native resources “old Sambo – dried bamboo shoots and chestnut, hickory and” Sambo “: white tea, ginkgo, bamboo leaf flavonoids. Bamboo leaves flavonoids is a national new product and key scientific and technological projects, the quality is superior to the ginkgo flavone, in the lower blood lipids, blood pressure, anti fatigue, anti-aging and other aspects have obvious effect, has a broad development prospects.

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