Adhering to the “bamboo can be wood, bamboo Better than wood” green industry concept, July Bamboo? bamboo plywood pick from natural,5-8 years old high quality fresh bamboo as raw material, through high-temperature steaming, high-pressure carbonized processing, constant temperature drying, take off a sugar thoroughly, carbonized fully, insecticidal sterilization.

bamboo plywood pick from natural,5-8 years old high quality

The pure milling piece of bamboo science superposition and environment-friendly glue under high temperature and high pressure conditions in the synthesis of different specification sheet, products not only retains the bamboo inherent high density, toughness, strength, excellent properties, but also keep the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, comfortable and beautiful, its environmental protection refers to the subject to export European E0 / E1 standard, catered to the modern people return to innocence, advocating natural, environment-friendly consumption trendy.

Bamboo plywood

July Bamboo? plywood can be divided into 2 items according to the surface grain , they are : vertical bamboo plywood and horizontal bamboo plywood.

According to the different colors,Can be divided into : natural bamboo plywood and carbonized bamboo plywood, zebra bamboo plywood.
bamboo can be wood, bamboo Better than wood
Bamboo plywood

And it’s also can be divided into : Single stitching Bamboo plywood,multi-layer stitching Bamboo plywood),bamboo Thin veneer, Strand Woven bamboo, bamboo round sticks, bamboo lumber,bamboo craft panel and bamboo furniture board according to the Process structures.

Bamboo plywood with green plastic set at high temperature and pressure state synthesis of different specifications, its hardness up 32HB (beech 24HB), density 1cm3 of 0.79g (beech 0.63g), Compressive strength up to 1271kg / cm2 (beech ≤600kgs), bamboo integrated panel are widely used in various fields with superior physical properties, They are durable and nice, widly used in  building materials, transportation equipment, sports facilities, furniture industry, technology products and so on.

Our company according to the requirements of different customers, formulate the corresponding bamboo production process, in order to meet the needs of customers processed products, to ensure that customers higher qualified rate of the product and the lowest consumption.

As the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the Chinese bamboo with its peculiar characteristics of pure and fresh ,will be more and more get the favour of the world. Using Bamboo products is not only a modern phenomenon, it will become a new trend, July Bamboo? company is willing to work with people with lofty ideals from all walks of life, hand in hand to promote the development of Bamboo.

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