China is richest country in world in bamboo, and have named bamboo Kindom. The bamboo growth time is shorter than wood. In general about 4 to 6 years, the bamboo can be cut make bamboo furniture. So if properly managed and rationally harvested, bamboo can be continuously supplied, which is a renewable resource that makes use of sustainable development and ecological environment protection.

The strand bamboo have good Mechanical and physical properties. The strand bamboo density have 1080 kg/m3,Static bending strength of 206 Mpa, elastic modulus of 17313 Mpa, the surface of the impact resistance of 7 mm, formaldehyde release of 0.1mg / L

The strand bamboo have natural wood feeling, the surface have wood tubular narrow groove and similar to the wood. Its can be made natural and other brown color. The strand bamboo plywood hand feeling similar to wood. Warm, Smooth and pleasant.

The strand bamboo plywood utilization rate reach 90%, and make bamboo plywood need high quality bamboo, the bamboo utilization rate about 20%. Square timber is made strand bamboo plywood, when it use in bamboo furniture, the material utilization rate is very high.

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