Bamboo building materials mothproof of problems

Developing the bamboo architecture must first solve the bamboo “mold, rot, moth” and other issues. That is mildew, anti-corrosion, moth-proof three defenses. bamboo is similar in composition to wood. the main ingredients that make up bamboo lumber are cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, containing proteins, fatty and all kinds of sugars and a small amount of ash elements. bamboo generally contains more nutrients than wood, among of them, protein is 1.5% ~ 5.0%, sugar is about 2%, starch is 2% ~ 6.0%, fat and waxy are about2% ~ 4.0%. these organic substances are some insects and microorganisms(Fungi) of nutrients.

Therefore, in the suitable temperature and humidity conditions to use and preservation that it is easy to cause moth-eaten and sick rot. bamboo rot and mildew are mainly caused by decaying parasites, in poor ventilation and hot and humid conditions, extremely happen the mold rot, insects and other phenomena. casing the bamboo loss. a large number of experiments show that untreated bamboo aging resistance (durability) is also poor. bamboo mould degree is related to bamboo reducing sugar content. Therefore , as much as possible to damage bamboo contains these nutrients, making mould and eggs can not survive breeding, essentially to solve the bamboo, bamboo furniture cysticercosis and mildew problems. In addition, according to mould only survive in bamboo surface, as long as damage the growth of bamboo surface, therefore, mildew proof is easy to solve than antimoth.

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