In recent year,with the deep-rooted concept of “low carbon” and global shortage of timber resources, solid bamboo worktops enter the public view.

Solid bamboo worktops meets the concept of environmental protection and low carbon.

China is the kingdom of bamboo, the growth cycle of bamboo is about one tenth of that of ordinary wood. bamboo is processed through scientific processing, it totally replace the wood, Become the new favorite of furniture materials. bamboo furniture due to adequate raw materials, the resource regeneration cycle is short, sustainable use, coupled with the designer as exquisite design, taking into account both tradition and modernity, practicality and environmental protection. in the absence of global timber resources, and will become the main force of future furniture.

solid bamboo worktops also equip the following features:

First is that it is cool in winter and cool in summer. due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption properties are higher than other wood.

The second is to return to the natural, Bamboo furniture maintains the natural grain of bamboo, gives people a rustic, classical feel, it can be said that solid bamboo worktops fits the concept of environmental protection.

Now high-grade pure bamboo furniture, the selected raw materials were produced from Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian, and Zhejiang in the five years or so. compressive strength is twice that of cherry wood and 2.5 times that of Chinese fir.

Produced bamboo plywood will not crack, deform and debond, all kinds of physical properties are equivalent to high-grade hardwoods, can be used as a substitute for wood.

Besides, with the development of produce craft , now can already make bamboo to variety of wood textures. meet the different needs of consumers.

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