Bambu plywood has special grain and environmental protection and durability. It is a common material for our furniture production. Many of us may have been decorated with bambu plywood   in our houses. But more of us are still don’t know the advantages of bambu plywood. Here are three major advantages of bambu plywood listed as below.

1.Environmental Health

Factories usually mainly use low-free formaldehyde content of UF resin glue or non-toxic special glue under bambu plywood production. compared with traditional wood-based board production glue, JULY BAMBU pays more attention on environmental protection.In order to improve the Health and environmental performance of bamboo products: It is required that the free formaldehyde used in bamboo products must meet the international standards.

2.Clear and Beautiful Slub Pattern

Bambu plywood has a natural dense and straight texture. It seems very beautiful. There are carbonized horizontal , carbonized vertical, natural hotizontal, natural vertical,  zebra and many other grains.

3.Nice Physical Performance

As a new kind of furniture material, bambu plywood keeps the physical, mechanical properties and low shrinkage.During the production of bambu plywood, it needs certain hydrothemal carbonization. So it has a good sealing property and can prevent the insects and mildew effctively.

Above are the three major advantages of bambu plywood that we share. Hope to help you understand the bambu plywood more clearly.

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