With the development of society, technological progress, the human body is also receiving more and more radiation.bamboo furniture has good absorption of ultraviolet light, anti-static, radiation effects. using a set of bamboo tables and chairs allows you to absorb less radiation, more conducive to your health. in the increasingly serious environmental problems today,bamboo material becomes more and more popular in modern home design products.

Bamboo wardrobe not only no chemical pollution, it is pure environmental protection furniture. and heat absorption ability, can always maintain the essence of cold. currently made of new bamboo wardrobe not only maintain the unique texture of bamboo, and overcome its easy to crack deformation “birth defects”. and the use of special glue in the bonding, avoid using formaldehyde on the human body, beneficial to human health.

Bamboo wardrobe features

Elegant bamboo wardrobe reveals a warm and elegant, Become a high-end fashion home bamboo wardrobe also has the following characteristics:

First, cool in summer and warm in summer, due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption, heat absorption performance is higher than other wood.

Second,  it is benefit for environmental protection . Bamboo can grow up in three to four years and renewable after being cut.

Third, to maintain the original bamboo natural lines.

The advantages of bamboo wardrobe:

  1. Bamboo wardrobe  without chemical pollution, pure green wardrobe. strong heat absorption, but also maintain the natural green of bamboo. bamboo wardrobe to maintain the unique texture of bamboo. bamboo wardrobe with special glue, green green, will not be harmful to humans.
  2. Bamboo has its own unique natural lines, the texture is clearly visible. always give people a kind of simple and elegant fresh.
  3. Bamboo has a hygroscopic endothermic performance. cool in summer and warm in summer.
  4. Bamboo wardrobeare using natural bamboo,  bamboo is a renewable resource  ans grow faster.

Bamboo wardrobe there are few people know the UV absorption function. let the eyes more comfortable to prevent myopia. bamboo also has a soundproof effect, so that make  home more quiet.

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