How to purchase bamboo blinds?

Bamboo simple and smooth, natural fresh, it is half-covered look, it has a bit Chinese traditional woman shy taste. bamboo curtain also has the characteristics of Sunshade, breathable, comfortable, cool and so on.

Hanging indoors, it can bring a sense of back to nature,  making people feel comfortable that is a good summer home products.

Bamboo blinds style divided into the following:

A push-pull curtain — for rooms that need to be cut off floor to ceiling windows.  Bamboo blinds both beautiful and practical, it also used for study with glass doors, not only looks cool and breathable, but also the noise is not bad.

B roller blinds— easy

Applies to it has more windows and the area is not very large, more suitable to use bamboo shutter to embellishment. Especially for the windows of study room and living room. it can produce a thick culture.C C folding curtain — chic

For larger windows, such as living room, bedroom and so on. Function is  similar to roller shutter, the difference is mainly in style, folding bamboo curtain can be folded into a stack by wire, which can arbitrarily set height, easy to use, does not take up space.

Purchase reminder

Purchase bamboo blinds, it is better to choose the primary colors.  The primary color bamboo blinds, not eye-catching, low-key, suitable for most home environment. In addition, the bamboo blinds is not suitable for use at night, especially for bedroom.

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