When people buy furniture more and more like bamboo furniture on now, and with the various of bamboo furniture design, the most popular in customers. The modern bamboo furniture made of the best bamboo material. So what is bamboo material? And how to make the bamboo furniture?

The bamboo furniture skeleton production

The bamboo furniture skeleton not only show up the general shape of bamboo furniture and also main part of Endurance. The skeleton production have two part is Skeleton Bamboo bending and Skeleton engagement.

the bamboo skeleton bending

Use the bending of bamboo skeleton made of bamboo furniture skeleton. Have some ways, for example the fire of bending, open groove bending method, Saw triangular notch bending method so on.

The skeleton’s joint

When the bamboo material bend, the use other round bamboo sheets joint, then became to the really bamboo furniture skeleton. There have many ways, in general ways:

Rod then, T-then, cross then, L then, arch then, and then, embedding, entanglement and so on. The joint of skeleton need use the round wood core, bamboo nail, steel nail and glue can reach a good results.

The surface machining.

Its important of bamboo furniture use and decorating. So must more careful and machining can reach the design request. Bamboo surface always use the bamboo sheets,

Bamboo rafts, rattan, bamboo contempt woven made. Also use the wood, plywood, Fireboard and plastic board.

The parts assembly

According the rules of request, the finished bamboo furniture part assembly made of bamboo furniture part of joint. It includes components such as fixed-size, punching, pin and shape finishing process.


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