The love cook of family have various of different kitchenware, example the indispensable cutting board. About the choose of cutting boards also have some stress. One bamboo cutting boards, first the material, its use the ordinary material and the closest natural. The natural material more and more popular in the world. The bamboo material is safe and the favorite in the people of advocate quality style life. Of course, some people have different view, they think that bamboo material kitchenware is easy to breeding bacteria. In fact, its wrong.

Many family are used to the traditional wood bamboo cutting boards. Cutting the cooked food, a lot of young people like plastic cutting board. Actually the cooked food is the door of disease. The wood board is easy to shaving off and moldy and the plastic cutting board is easy breeding bacteria. But the bamboo cutting board in market, the bamboo as ordinary material, its not only Eco- friendly, smooth,light and easy to clean, but also have antibacterial function.

The normal customer think that the wood and bamboo cutting board both safe and Eco- friendly. actually not, the wood cutting board is not complete safe. Example,If you use the cutting board made of black cypress, because the cypress wood contains toxic substances, use cypress wood to cut cooked food, it always pollution dishes and Cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms. Although the plastic cutting boards beautiful and light, but if is not dry, it also breeding bacteria and not fit to cut cooked food.

Relative to the wooden cutting board and plastic cutting board, the bamboo cutting board solid, high temperature and safer, so bamboo cutting board is the ideal choice.


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