Bamboo Butcher Block table more and more use in life, whatever now or in future,The Bamboo Butcher Block Table will became main table use in future table market. Based on the bamboo feature,its have 4 keys of health and environmental.

1, The Bamboo material is natural and no poison.Though during bamboo butcher block table need use some glue but the quantity not very large, meanwhile the improved of technology, have already ensure is not bad for people health.

2, More and more people use bamboo furniture, like Bamboo Butcher Block table ,its must improved widely bamboo farmers, love bamboo and plant bamboo enthusiasm, it will promote expand the bamboo plant area and reduce the wood felling.

3, Bamboo butcher block table raw material is natural, also degradation in natural environment,do not increase the twice pollution.its very valued to use bamboo butcher block table to reduce other material.

4, The Bamboo butcher block table adhere to design concept of”Saving material, environmental protection and low carton”Discard difficult-to-clean, pollution-free raw materials such as melamine and aluminum oxide required for production of laminate flooring. Reduce the release carton and environment pollution,  suit with international green environmental protection standards.


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