Since ancient times, the furniture is the main material of wood. however, as we all know, trees grow to a certain age. it can be used as a material for making furniture. the longer growth cycle of wood, the price of solid wood furniture is generally higher than that of other materials. the rise of today’s new solid bamboo tabletop, solid bamboo tabletop and not only practical products. It also has considerable appreciation, allowing people to return to natural pleasing. the solid bamboo tabletop is rich in bamboo pattern, with a uniform color, which also adds a natural breath to the living room. solid bamboo tabletop has become an indispensable part of home life .

With the development of society and the progress of technology, the radiation of the human body is more and more. solid bamboo tabletop has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet, antistatic and radiation protection. buying furniture, formaldehyde emission has become one of the most important indicators for consumers. It is understood that formaldehyde has been identified by the WHO as a carcinogenic and deformable substance, which is recognized as a source of allergy and one of the potential strong mutagens. Its release over standard will seriously harm human health, decoration and furniture containing formaldehyde, which is released for up to 3 to 15 years. Low carbon “has now become a topic of common concern in all walks of life. and bamboo home just caters to the low carbon trend of the times.

The trend of low carbon home is the inevitable trend, in particular, now consumers do not only pay attention to the effect of decoration, they pay more attention to the healthy and comfortable environment of human nature. the concept of low carbon home is highly praised.

Natural solid bamboo tabletop reduces the content of formaldehyde in furniture, In particular, after the deep carbonization of the bamboo plate, the processed solid bamboo tabletop does not change color for a long time, and it can strengthen the effect of the adsorption of harmful gases in the room.

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