Strand Woven bamboo flooring was called bamboo filament board; it is a kind of bamboo floor but better than common bamboo floor. It’s density is twice high than common floor and more artistic and useful. The rigidity of hot press bamboo(15.3) higher than kauri (2.8),Teak(4.5),Victorian ash 6.0),even ironwood(10.5)。Once plant bamboo can be used as furniture material in 2 years, it can be truly replace wood and make well protection for the treasure wood.

Strand woven bamboo floor select fine material than common bamboo floor. Generally, we choose high quality raw bamboo which grows over 5 years and finally formed a bamboo floor after sorting, boil, drying and hot press.   Suitable for office, hotel, bedroom, outdoor,sport center, public place…because of it’s smooth surface, hardness, elegant colors and clean vein.

Characteristic and Advantages with wood floor:

1: Using bamboo instead wood, replace traditional manufacture progress. Usage percentage high than 90%, 2.25 times against former 40%.Care both production and environment.

2:Density high to 1.15g/cm3,1.6 times higher than common bamboo and hardness reaches to 104mpa,impact tenacity is 114﹒7KJ/m3 ,indeed brings high density, high hardness, impact resistance and resistant to wear.

3:Good water absorption capability, non-reformed, the thickness expansion ratio is 0﹒4% after 24 hrs testing, better than ≤2﹒0%the EU standard.

4:Free formaldehyde under 5﹒7㎎/100g and reaches EU and USA the green standard requirements. It is in reality as well in name of green and low carbon products.

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