Bamboo flooring after many years of development, continuous improvement in production technology. already have a place in the floor industry.

But in the environmental era today. many consumers ask bamboo flooring is environmental protection?

Does bamboo floor contain formaldehyde?

Good materials used in bamboo flooring. Formaldehyde is a chemical substance, with a strong irritation. bamboo flooring in the production process, Formaldehyde is one of the indispensable ingredients in floor adhesives. therefore, the market the vast majority of bamboo flooring is containing formaldehyde.

Bamboo flooring in the production process, due to the strict process. therefore, the formaldehyde emission of bamboo flooring is extremely weak. One of the floor products with less formaldehyde release in the floor. therefore, it can be said to be environmentally friendly.

Bamboo floor formaldehyde emission can reach E0 level, and the good wood floor environmental protection index is still between E1-E2. on the other hand, the sustainable development strategy of “bamboo instead of wood” is constantly realized in the flourishing of bamboo flooring. Therefore, bamboo flooring is the true portrayal of environmental health.

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