Glue-laminated bamboo furniture

It is a rectangular bamboo piece processed with bamboo as raw material to a certain specification. Through the three anti-(anti-corrosion, pest control, Fang Zhu), drying, gluing process to produce the Glue-laminated bamboo furniture bamboo plywood. Glue-laminated bamboo furniture with strength, dimensional stability, not easy to crack  features and so on.

Glue-laminated bamboo furniture is mainly use the production process of plate furniture. Compare with general plate furniture, glue-laminated bamboo furniture surface with natural dense straight texture, the bamboo slug is wrong, reduce the sealing process, reduce production costs, it shows the natural texture of the board edge bamboo. Glue-laminated bamboo furniture can also be used for carving, inlay and other surface decoration pyrographic. therefore, bamboo Glulam furniture’s structural and aesthetic characteristics are more satisfactory. the development of bamboo furniture conforms to the current social trend of thought.

Today, the emphasis on environmental protection has changed the standard of evaluation of design. a product design is beautiful or not , not only in its shape, but also should consider whether the environmental protection.

Bamboo, it is a kind green material. bamboo plants grow fast, strongly regenerative ability, short production cycle, in the world, especially in our country is rich in resource reserves.

Developing the bamboo furniture is in line with the current social trend of thought.

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