As a newly emerging environmental protection building material, bamboo has a much lower popularity than Chinese fir, oak, pine, and birch. However, we believe that the market space for bamboo has not yet been opened, and the use value has not yet been fully utilized. Here will be a large market space for bamboo.

So how should we give full play to the value of bamboo plates? The fact now in sight is the market supply of wood products for trees has been declining year by year. There are strict controls on the harvesting of wood at home or abroad, and rampant logging has become risky. Bamboo came into being, from the material and visual aspects, bamboo is no less than the common solid wood , and the physical and mechanical properties are more prominent, such as the biggest shortcomings of wood plate – cracking, but no bamboo plate, wood There are usually wooden festivals, and bamboo patterns are naturally fresh, giving you a refreshing enjoyment.

The superior performance of bamboo sheet, the convenience of processing and utilization, and the abundant supply, the advantages of green environmental protection make the bamboo market become increasingly broad. We believe that allowing more people to understand bamboo , using bamboo instead of wood, and using bamboo to win the wood, can give better value to BAMBOO PLYWOOD.


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