Bamboo fiber is a kind take bamboo as raw material of regenerate cellulose, made of high-tech refined, it adheres to the toughness and flexibility of bamboo, wear and softness, which is a new type of green textile material. It has six characteristics as following.

  1. Bamboo fiber touch soft with bright color. with high toughness and abrasion resistance. it has strong vertical and horizontal strength, and stable and uniform.
  2. Hygroscopic  dehumidification. bamboo fiber cross-section filled with oval-shaped pores,it can absorb and evaporate a lot of water in an instant. bamboo fiber water absorption is three times than cotton. experts say bamboo fiber is “breathe” fiber, also known as “fiber queen”.
  4. Antibacterial , sterilization rate of 75%. the same amount of bacteria is observed under a microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can massively multiply, but bacteria on bamboo fiber products will killed about 75% after 24 hours.
  5. Green and environmental protection, anti-UV. Bamboo fiber is a kind green material which extracted from raw bamboo. it has bamboo natural anti-mite, deodorant, pest control and produce negative ions, it can effectively block the ultraviolet radiation on the human body, it not produce any irritation to the skin.
  6. Antibacterial deodorant. after testing bacteria in bamboo fiber will be killed after 24 hours 95%. since bamboo fiber has good antibacterial properties, it can effectively deodorant, long-term to keep fresh and odorless. due to the natural antibacterial function of bamboo fiber products, the resulting product not need to add any synthetic antibacterial agent, which not cause skin allergies.

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