Nutrition experts tell us, bamboo leaves is very healthy for humans. The use way is very easier , just Brewed directly with boiling water. Bamboo leaves soaked water have following effects:

Firstly: antibacterial , bamboo leaves have a good antibacterial and effect, That is because bamboo leaves contain a lot of flavonoids. Besides, if you want have a better antibacterial effect, Taking the bamboo leaves which picked in July and November is better. because this time the bamboo contains the highest antibacterial activity of brass, and antibacterial effect is best.

Secondly : Anti-oxidize effect

Bamboo leaves contain a lot of flavonoids, This substance can well remove the free radicals in the body, while it has good anti-oxidant effect. The study found that bamboo leaves contain brass for free radical scavenging is very good, even better than vitamin C.

Thirdly: Protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

The study found that bamboo leaves for the case of myocardial ischemia has a very good protection effect. because he can improve the heart rate, heart and heart rate of the quality, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, At the same time also it has the effect of lowering blood pressure, it can effectively adjust the balance of supply and demand in the body.

Finally: Anti-fatigue

Bamboo leaves contained in the brass enter into the body, it can effectively reduce the body’s protein breakdown, at the same time can also reduce the body’s glycogen consumption. making the body exercise endurance obtaining significantly improvement. has a very significant anti-fatigue .

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