Made from bamboo is what we call bamboo furniture. it is a very eco-friendly furniture, a collection of the advantages of plate and solid wood furniture, be loved by many friends. and our country is a big country of bamboo, also it has a long history of manufacturing furniture.

Among them, there are the oldest bamboo furniture and all kinds of original wood furniture. With the improvement of human living standards, from stressing on food and clothing to later material life , bamboo furniture materials also from the originalbamboo pole, bamboo tube and bamboo veneer  into bamboo composite board that is bamboo plywood. It is a standardized, can widely used furniture matrial,this is the  for bamboo furniture industry ‘s development and growth, created extremely favorable conditions.

Relative to plate-type furniture, bamboo furniture is more environmentally friendly and durable, and relative to solid wood furniture, bamboo furniture and more stylish, simple, removable, cost-effective. That is say, bamboo furniture is made of solid wood materials and the traditional connection process. the advantages of plate-type furniture and solid wood furniture combine into one while avoiding their drawbacks. in recent years, environmental experts found that, bamboo is the toughest environmental material on earth. Why bamboo hardness? It is determined by its growth characteristics. Its tall and long, the highest reached 60 meters, this determines that bamboo fiber must be slender and tough, it can support their own weight, will not be blown off the wind blow.

At present, bamboo furniture has been fully achieved industrialized production and modular furniture, the overall design advocates natural, simple, environmentally friendly characteristics.

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