Bamboo plywood as a new natural green material , July bambu -bamboo plywood is widely used in bamboo furniture manufacturing and Interior decoration area .

Bamboo plywood is processed by refined bamboo salts gluing and pressing . Bamboo plywood production usually use 4-6 years old large diameter bamboo . through high-temperature steaming, high-pressure carbonized processing, constant temperature drying, take off a sugar thoroughly, carbonized fully, insecticidal sterilization .

It has excellent Physical Mechanics function and high stability .

According to surface grain , the bamboo plywood can be divided into horizontal and vertical . according to color , the bamboo plywood can be divided into natural and carbonized (after high temperature carbonization) and zebra .

In order to fully remove the sugar and reduce the moisture levels and enhance the strength and stability of the bamboo board .It need  through high temperature carbonization process . It can ensure full insecticidal sterilization, enhance the hardness and strength of bamboo greatly and enhance anti-mildew properties of bamboo.

Bamboo plywood is green, low-carbon and ECO-friendly .July Bambu maintain the original nature of natural bamboo completely.  While make more customer feel the simple,fresh and elegant home environment . this effect is difficult to achieve for any wood board

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