Bamboo furniture select bamboo is through a series of mechanical, high temperature and high pressure made.according to modern manufacturing technology processed into extraordinary appearance, durable, beautiful lines of various bamboo. general bamboo furniture is easy to dry and deformed. choosing new technology made of bamboo furniture . it not only not only insisted on the common bamboo texture, but also to overcome the bamboo’s “birth defects”.

As a renewable ecological goods, bamboo furniture has the following characteristics:

  1. bamboo furniture conducive to environmental protection,it need 3-5 years to grow up. and after harvesting also renewable .Regarding the  environment deterioration, natural forest stocks are low of china bamboo is a good alternative to timber. Bamboo glue is the use one kind special glue to avoid the damage of formaldehyde for the human body.
  2. The processed bamboo sticks keep original natural grain of bamboo.
  3. Bamboo furniture, cool in winter and warm in winter, it is benefit for health, due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and endothermic function is better than other wood, bamboo furniture to conditioning indoor microclimate, for the human body do biological conditioning and mental conditioning, having a longevity effect .

Bamboo furniture selected materials. after testing its parallel grain tensile strength, compressive strength is cherry 2 times, fir 2.5 times. the processing method is to cut thick bamboo, remove bamboo peeled and cut into 3 × 4cm thick bamboo slats. then through a special high-pressure gluing technology made of large plates. the whole process need more than 30 procedures.

Bamboo furniture, due to sufficient materials, low prices, coupled with elaborate description of the global shortage of timber resources in the context of the near future is likely to become the main force in the future furniture.

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