1, Bamboo Material and wood material Compare:

Bamboo lumber use glue, and add high temperature, Non-toxic, solid and stable, Not open plastic, not bent. Experience Remove sugar, adipose, starch etc bamboo material, have function Super strong flood prevention, can effective to fire retardant, hare Wear-resistant, mildew. Bamboo material is advanced decorative materials in house, hotel, and Office building.

But wood material is natural dried material. Show up natural grain and color pattern. Let person feel natural, comfortable.

Bamboo lumber and wood lumber Process comparison.

Bamboo material through deal with Cutting and Bonding etc, its can balance various external forces. Not easy to bent and split. But wood furniture easy to Split。

Eco-friendly Compare: Bamboo production cycle short and need just need 4 years to 6 years, its can cutting and utilization. Its a renewable resources, but wood material have long production cycle and belong to Nonrenewable resources. Meanwhile bamboo plywood is natural material, Does not pollute the indoor environment. So bamboo eco-friendly than wood.

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