More and more people like and but bamboo keyboard, but more people found a problem, the long has go, how to clean? There are some ways as follow, please look.

First, you need let the keyboard Separated from the monitor, Face down and tap gently on the back, this step just clean the face dust. The second step you should care the keyboard slot and clean slot with a brush, part of solid dirty thing ,you can use toothpick, but you need carefully, do not be too hard.


If you do the above ways that it also can not complete clean, you can need another tools help you. Its hair dryer, you can use it to clean keyboard.

Its finished the slot of clean. next its surface dirty. You can use the dry cotton dip an appropriate amount of glycerin, clean the surface. When you finished all the step, you can add thin layer of varnish or cooked tung oil on surface, but do not add to slot.

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