The Push-pull bamboo. Installing push pull curtain in cut off room and floor to ceiling windows, that is beautiful and practical. it also suit the book room with glass door. it it looks that not only cool and breathable but the sound insulation is also good. The fold push-pull blinds not use much space, Unfolded after revealing a glimmer of light, let people have the feeling of space obscure and the delicate fragrance of bamboo is also very enjoyable.

The bamboo Roller blinds. if have many windows and the area is not large, that is suit use bamboo roller blinds. especially the book room and drawing room. The roller blinds not occupy much space and soft curtain drape,take-off and landing take, are full of poetic. Popular green, brown roller blinds, a single shade of traditional wood block roller blinds

The fold curtain is suit the larger windows, for example living room, bedroom. The function is the same as roller blinds. The mainly difference is on style. The fold curtains can become a stack by the pull the line. Any height ,easy to use, not take up space. Sunshade, heat insulation, dust proof, wearable various style, it have natural, green, brown colors and so on to choose from.  its introverted cold decorative effect, the interpretation of the ultimate taste of space.

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