We all know the bamboo plywood is Eco-friendly, but it is have a lot different price and quality grade. So how we to select the  high quality ?where ways we should care about ?

First, Start from choose bamboo plywood, the bamboo plywood quality is especially important and always influence Bamboo products.

There are some ways that teach you how to select:

1, Looking the bamboo plywood surface, if it is smooth,evenly, oil, unhole so on

2, Kindly observed the port lubricity.

3, Test the bamboo plywood’s stability, take the bamboo plywood in to 80C for one hour. Looking that whether keep the previous shape

4, Check the Eco-friendly grade, select the normal manufacture.

Besides above these ways , we also check the crafts ability of the bamboo products company. You know that high quality goods have good crafts.

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