How to choose the bamboo furniture?

Bamboo furniture board has become a famous brand in the international bamboo industry. Excellent product quality, superior performance, widely used and loved by users. bamboo furniture board are similar with wood and not wood, but enough to win the wood, bamboo has a straight texture, light color, toughness and other advantages similar to hardwood. It is an ideal material for producing all kinds of furniture, floor, wall panel and various components. pure bamboo furniture is not only a practical commodity. also has considerable ornamental. Let people have the feelings of returning to nature. Also can feel the breath of traditional Chinese culture.

Bamboo furniture board

How to choose bamboo furniture? General check the following points when purchasing:

  1. As bamboo furniture is mostly made by hand, and bamboo furniture is not as good as steel and wooden furniture tight structure. when purchasing, check carefully whether the tightness is uniform or not. the end of the bamboo strip is loose or not.
  2. Observe that the surface of the bamboo furniture is smooth and Shiny, color is the same.
  3. Bamboo furniture is vulnerable to insects. When buying, pay special attention to traces of insects. If you find a hole that affects the fastness of the bamboo strip, you cannot purchase it.
  4. Bamboo furniture to prevent cracked, usually the brush on the surface layer of varnish, However, the blanks on the opposite side cannot be varnished. this keeps the humidity of the bamboo.

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