The first use bamboo products in world is china, so The Bamboo Carving have history in china. The bamboo carving also have another name is bamboo engraving. It it that sculpture a lot of pattern  and words in bamboo products or use bamboo root to carving different Furnishings and ornaments.

The bamboo carving become an art. Since Six Dynasties begin, until tang dynasties gradually konwn with people and loved

Han nationality Bamboo sculptors Carving skills have Beyond the previous generation, and came up “Jiading three zhu” and many other outstanding sculptors. In history of china art and crafts unique, and it is also Han national Priceless fortune.

China bamboo carting art have long history. Our academic and archeology always think that before ink and pen of invention, the Han national have learned use knife sculpture on bamboo. That is most primitive bamboo carving, should be precede the Oracle.

In ancient times, Chinese people have begin to use bamboo to produce and some tools. Because Out of the beauty of nature, sculpture some pattern on bamboo products, that is no different with carved jade, stone, bone, wood.

So if founding bamboo products in ancient times, do not surprised.

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