It is reported, China is the country with the most abundant bamboo resources, the largest bamboo area and the largest bamboo output in the world.  It is known as “the kingdom of bamboo,”.there are many kinds of bamboo in China, about 40 genera and 300 species, with Qinling and Hanshui in the north and Hainan Island in the south, Taiwan in the east, and Tibet in the west are all have bamboo forest. there are about 3.3 million hectares of bamboo forest, accounting for more than 30% of the world.bamboo production accounts for about 1/3 of the world total output. bamboo area, bamboo volume, bamboo species, bamboo product output are all rank first in the world.

In the Huangpu River completely  use bamboo paved up to Paved up to 3.6km of plank road. in using bamboo named restaurant and a flower shop entirely made of bamboo, in many venues with bamboo elements, continue to increase the new understanding of the bamboo industry,

Constantly enjoy the bamboo in low-carbon trend exhibited unique style. Enter the World Expo, then enter a bamboo world. you will surely marvel at the many useful uses of bamboo today: International Bamboo and Rattan Organization Hall have two exquisite bamboo villa model is particularly noticeable. in the museum, people saw that bamboo can build bamboo villas, made of bamboo keyboard. bamboo fiber can be woven into clothes. extracted from bamboo the EOB is the good health ingredients, charcoal can be used to adsorb the exhaust gas.bamboo building is not only energy efficient, but also low cost, reliable construction and durable. it is because of bamboo has a strong hardness, good seismic performance of bamboo houses.

From the simple utilization of bamboo, to the application of high-tech achievements in the industry, original bamboo can provide us with so many new and high quality products. Bamboo really makes our life better.

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