The scientist and environmentalist found that the bamboo can replace the wood,and it is also regeneration resources and the most useful plant. The bamboo Production cycle is short and it is very important element to balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in Nature’s environment. It can use in medical science and in Building materials to reduce water pollution so on.

Bamboo products fast drying, not easy to mold and breeding bacteria, it is advantage to cut bamboo made for bamboo raft,  though most boat made from Steel, ,but the bamboo boat still transport on china south river upstream.

In water conservancy project, it is can compiled into a gab-ion, loaded some stones to prevent river erosion, protect dam and build reservoir. Widely use on National famous water conservancy project. In agriculture, the bamboo’s use more in common. The bamboo can made many farm tools.for example broom , Sun pad, dustpan so on. And the bamboo also can made for musical instruments.


Currently, bamboo crafts have already become important export products. Now the bamboo also made semi-finished products. for example bamboo plywood ,bamboo veneer so on use for furniture ,flooring ,doors. Eco friendly bamboo more and more used for in live.

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