Bamboo-wood laminate flooring is a composite product of bamboo and wood.

Its panel and back plane are made of good bamboo. The core of the wood is mostly fir, beech and other wood. the production process are depend on the sophisticated machine equipment. and advanced science and technology and standardized production process.  Through a series of nearly 40 complicated procedures such as anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high pressure, high temperature, gluing, and rotary grinding.  Then can be made into a new kind of composite floor.

The traditional bamboo flooring, the material are all bamboo . but bamboo wood laminated flooring , its panel and backplane still use bamboo. The core adopt the beech and other wood.  Bamboo and wood composite flooring made of bamboo and wood . not only has the advantages of bamboo flooring:  the appearance is smooth, bright, fresh, natural, smooth grain, high surface hardness coefficient. But also equip the solid wood flooring advantages:  good stability, convenient and quick installation, suitable for large area pavement, saving cost.

Bamboo-wood laminate flooring combines the advantages of the above two board types, it also has a  comfortable sense for foot , meets the safety requirements of the elderly and children.

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