Bamboo Weave veneer

Woven Bamboo veneer by two bamboo veneer or more bamboo veneer, and by the artificial knitting. Quoted a wide range of real home, such as hotels, opera houses, stadiums etc.

Bamboo Weave veneer some useful figures:

Regular Thicknesses: 0.6mm - 2mm and etc.
Popular Dimensions: 2500mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 0.3-0.6mm (T) and etc.
Moisture content: ≤ 12% ;
Density: 680 kg / M3
Patterns: Natural Horizontal, Natural Vertical, Carbonized Horizontal, Carbonized Vertical, Zebra, Dyed, woven and strand。
Materials at the back: Fleece, Paper, and None
Woven bamboo veneer production process