The Bamboo products have six feature, as follows:

1, The Bamboo Products can Prevention Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The bamboo products have automatic regulation and maintain the temperature, the own no release the cool. The heat and cool in winter.

2, The bamboo products can protect eyes.

The bamboo product have function of can absorb ultraviolet, the bamboo products Elegant color, soft warm, its Beneficial for eyes,can reduce the incidence of myopia.

3, The bamboo products can reduce the noise.

The bamboo products have function of sound absorption, noise, reduce the sound pressure, shorten the residual sound time.

4, Its can avoid allergic asthma

Bamboo through high-temperature, bleaching, carbonation, bamboo fiber to remove all nutrients, completely destroyed the living conditions of moths and bacteria, not moldy, can reduce asthma, allergy.

5, The natural feature

The bamboo material the same as people, all the natural life, and the bamboo material Texture have regular change in irregular rules. The bamboo material natural color, special texture, the natural material is the are elegant and valuable symbol.

6, The bamboo have short livespan, Breeding fast, high yield, and do not damage the Ecological environment, Eco-friendly.


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