The Bamboo Plywood  Performance

1, The bamboo plywood surface smooth. Bamboo glue template surface smooth, the suction force only 1/12 of wood board.

2, Solid and good toughness. The bamboo plywood have high solid、good toughness, Acid, anti-corrosion, anti-moth-eaten. The Static  bending strength is equivalent to 8-10 times solid of wood, its also 4 to 5 times of ordinary plywood. Its can be made dowels and others.

3, Water resistance is well. Bamboo plywood water resistance, in boiling water for 120 minutes, frozen strength decreased 0-20 k > 2%o. the surface water absorption close to the steel template.

4, Thermal conductivity is small. The bamboo plywood is only 0.14-0.16 w/m. its beneficial to winter construction insulation.

5, Its also can use more times and long life. and both positive and negative use.

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