1, Bamboo Plywood Characteristic

Bamboo plywood diameter is very small and hollow, the structure is different with other wood. The bamboo plywood solid and density than other wood. As wood material , the bamboo plywood volume is smaller than other wood.  Bamboo plywood texture always straight, cool and smooth, the color is simple, easy to bleach, dye and carbonized. It can be compared with some hardwoods. The bamboo plywood can replace some wood use in bamboo furniture, bamboo accessories and some decoration, have widely prospect.

2, Good mechanical and physical and chemical properties

The bamboo plywood as new furniture material keep bamboo plywood physical , mechanics, and dry shrinkage and low rate of swelling. Have the solid size, strength and Good stiffness durable advantages, and also can sawing, and other process. Because during in production of hot water and carbonized, the finished products have good closed, its can efficient to prevent to insect and Mildew,  and glue use the UF Resin glue and very Eco-friendly.

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