The bamboo packaging have widely usefulness, and with the development of Processing engineering, the usefulness range is extend, the regular bamboo packaging use for fisheries、special production package, tea leaves、food、alcohol、and gift packaged; the bamboo packaging not only utility, and also have a little Awards value, the hard work use their hand and wisdom to create a lot of beautiful packaging, whatever woven products, bamboo plywood made of or original bamboo made ,that Absolutely perfect crafts.

It is mainly use the short grow period and grow range widely bamboo as original material, the bamboo by people hand to produce, keep the bamboo feature of tolerance and durability. In many area the bamboo packaging also can replace our packaging , have the New produce design.ECO- friendly, Tough and reuse again.

The bamboo package also can improve the quality of gift packaging and it also popular in packaging business line.

When you used the bamboo packaged finished , you can use the bamboo packaging as a king of household decorative, repository or shopping bag. And it can use many times and show the Eco-friendly, reduce the resource , we should integral proclamation.

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