The bamboo kitchenware contains Bowl, chopsticks, knife, fork, plate, dish, tray, wooden shovel, wooden spoon, wooden scoop, rice steamed and as well as various of container and hold appliances. It more use chopsticks in life. According to material of kitchenware to classification have bamboo and wood kitchenware.

The feature of bamboo kitchenware.

The largest advantage is Green and Eco-friendly. More and more use in life in the world.The all the kitchenware made of bamboo material , it not only beautiful and unique, practical and also have artistic valued.

How long the life of bamboo kitchenware

The bamboo kitchenware service life is about six months or one year, the family chopstick need disinfection once a week, then put the chopsticks after cleaning boiled for 30 minutes, or disinfected with a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes. Once the chopsticks cracking, deformation, discoloration, it should not be used again.




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