Due to the abundant and inexpensive raw materials, bamboo island countertop has been carefully designed. In the absence of global timber resources, bamboo furniture will become the new favorite of future furniture.

Mention bamboo furniture, People always think of bamboo cabinets, bamboo beds, and bamboo chairs that are spliced together in bamboos of different sizes in Guangdong and Guangxi. although their appearance is fresh and beautiful, However, it is easy to crack and deform in the north. Currently, our country already has manufacturers introducing new technology from the United States.

The new type of bamboo island countertop made not only maintains the unique texture of bamboo, but also overcomes the “congenital defects” of its easy dry deformation.

At the same time it also has the following features

First, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption performance is higher than that of wood.

Environmentally friendly, bamboo can be grown in 3-4 years.  and after cutting, it can be regenerated. For our country where the environment is deteriorating and the natural forest inventory is very low, it is an excellent replace material . in addition, special adhesives are used for bonding. avoid the harm of formaldehyde to the human body and benefit the human body.

To produce elaborate bamboo island countertop, the selected raw materials are generally high-quality bamboo from Gui, Xiang and Yu.  After testing, the tensile strength and compressive strength of the straight grain are twice that of cherry wood and 2.5 times of Chinese fir. The processing method is to first peel the thick bamboo into 3*4 cm thick bamboo strips, and then apply high-pressure special glue to make a large plate. The whole process must go through more than 30 processes.

Pure bamboo high-grade bamboo island countertop is not only a practical commodity, but also has considerable ornamental,

Therefore, all bamboo furniture is also promising in the international market.

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