Bamboo is an ideal replacement for wood . from building decoration materials to furniture, then to crafts. we can see that bamboo is becoming more and more widely used in our lives.

Nowadays, bamboo instruments are increasingly favored by people.

Especially, many guitar maker are like to use bamboo veneer sheet for guitar. I remembered my customer said: “ Hi I  prefer the sound from your 2mm natural bamboo veneer sheet”.

The top, sides, back and neck of guitar are  all made by 100% solid bamboo.

The guitar necks consist of vertically laminated bamboo strips , this construction is extremely strong and stable and withstands the tension of the strings (around 75 kg) and so prevents the neck from bending and twisting.

It also contributes positively to the sustain of the guitar (duration of sound after plucking the string), which is particularly important for electric guitars.

Bamboo guitar also has a beautiful appearance, because bamboo has its unique natural texture and its texture is clearly visible.

Many people choose using bamboo veneer sheet for guitar, because bamboo is to do with its merits as an easily renewable material, unlike the hardwoods usually used for guitars. bamboo only needs 3 to 5 years to grow, and thus is a fully replenishable resource.

One French luthier, Jean-Yves Alquier, spent five years conducting independent research in order to find an alternative. Finally, he stumbled upon an unlikely material that he believes is the future of the guitar: bamboo.

he found that bamboo guitar had exceptional acoustic, durability and aesthetic qualities, comparable to that of tropical hardwood guitar.

More importantly, bamboo has high silica content, giving a certain brilliance to t guitar’s sound.

More and more sound enthusiasts appreciate the uniqueness of  bamboo guitar.

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