Bamboo furniture is Compared with Wood furniture is not common in life. And its use more in countryside south and have big part of by hand. The rest small part come up in furniture store. Though Bamboo furniture more expensive than wood furniture, but the bamboo furniture grow spreed is soon and cut more also not influence balance of Ecological.

The bamboo furniture also have good Moisture-proof, its good chose use in south. Before the produce furniture, the bamboo need experience Deal With hydrothermal carbonizatio, its make bamboo more solid.

The natural material bamboo furniture have good Guarantee of safety. The bamboo is all natural material, They can be used to make furniture after they have been dried naturally, many bamboo furniture do not need adhesive to paste, just use the steel dowels. Its reduce the formaldehyde and other harmful substances. For old and children health and safety more secure.Now, more and more people love Eco-friendly material

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